Idle Thumbs at QuakeCon 2012

We’re podcasting at QuakeCon!

Don’t ask why. We don’t know why. But we do know that we’re excited about it. Chris hasn’t been to QuakeCon for six years, Jake hasn’t attended for more than a decade, and Sean has never gone, but he isn’t coming this time either, so who cares about him really?

And although Sean considers so-called “important life responsibilities” to take higher precedence than attending a convention named for a series that hasn’t seen a new entry in five years, worry not. In his stead, the triumphant return of Thumb veterans Nick Breckon and Steve Gaynor.

Please tweet @nickbreckon encouraging him to bring his saxophone(s).

Also, Thumbs Friends Brendon Chung (Thirty Flights of Loving, Atom Zombie Smasher) and JP LeBreton (BioShock, BioShock 2)¬†will be there on their own panel about modding id Software games! They will be joined by id’s Robert Duffy and Hit Detection’s Justin Blankenship, and their panel immediately precedes ours.

Enjoy these details:

Idle Thumbs Podcast Live: Arena
Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, Nick Breckon, and Steve Gaynor
Saturday, August 4th, 1:30pm
Emerald Room

Celebrating id Modding
JP LeBreton, Brendon Chung, Robert Duffy, and Justin Blankenship
Saturday, August 4th, 12:30pm
Main Stage (Chantilly Ballroom)

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