Idle Thumbs 172: http://malaise.ennui/

Pleased to present this podcast to placate the people that prefer Thumbs… Pleased. Thanks. Past the part that permeates the pod (the Playable Teaser) presenters take polite turns pontificating, talking, pushing their played titles. Parse this peculiar transmission, permitting the playful talkers’ preposterous tiresome palaver.

Games discussed: P.T., Silent Hill 4, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill, Probability 0, Lovely Planet, Zombies Ate My Neighbors

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In life, and in the games we played this week, time continues to advance whether you want it to or not. Move forward, look back, or stand still, the inexorable march to the end continues unabated. So when you click on that dead body in the trunk, for God’s sake seize the opportunity and do something interesting.

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A weekend of non-stop sci-fi movies accidentally begets an episode filled with the first person corridors of today and yesterday, and the gross things they’re made of. Plus: Chris encounters the Necrodancer and Jake plays PC games from his couch for the first time.

Things Discussed: Xibalba, Doom, Toxikk, Unreal Tournament (2014), Crypt of the Necrodancer, Steam Home Streaming, Alien Quadrilogy

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Idle Thumbs at PAX 2014

We thought we were out, but we’ve been dragged back to PAX for one last job and are taking you with us! Come listen to us talk about video games and whatever else. Will Chris bring a guitar? Who can tell! That said, if you look Nick in the eye during the panel and mouth “baboo,” we’ve heard he will wink back at you.

Idle Thumbs Podcast Live: We’re All In This (Room) Together

Sunday, August 31st at 11:30am in the Sphinx Theatre

With our third appearance at PAX, the Idle Thumbs podcast can finally conclude the planned epic trilogy fans have been clamoring for. Though we’re confident the panel will be a thrilling and emotional experience filled with the incisive conversations, useless diversions, live music, and interactive romantic encounters that followers of the podcast have come to expect, should the ending prove unsatisfactory we promise we’ll fix it in the DLC.

Who will be present: Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, Sean Vanaman, Danielle Riendeau, Nick Breckon, and all of you.

Hope to see you there!

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Danielle from Rhode Island gives us the skinny on The Last Night from Idle Thumbs 166

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Things have really gone to hell. It’s all a big cacophonous mess. Sean and Danielle gave up the podcasting for a life of dealing drugs aboard a cruise ship to a man who worships John Madden. Jake just plays the same old games every night, a worthless old man. Chris… well who can even tell anymore? Yeah I know. Very, very off blade.

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A podcast teaches,
But never ceases
To deliver speeches,
Sweet as peaches,
And soft as cheeses.
A podcast reaches,
While on the beaches
Or on the creases,
When eating pizzas,
With your nieces,
Like psychokinesis, 
In bits and pieces, 
A podcast thesis
For your ears’es.

*Fart sound*

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After a weekend of unparalleled successes and unmitigated failures, we talk through the difference between conceiving of something, and making it actually happen. There’s also a long look at what it means when the knowledge and advances of modern technology are applied to game design philosophies from twenty years ago. But you’re probably here for the farting skeleton.

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Look, I’m not sayin’ Tawmmy shouldn’ta been sent up for doing what he done to all them cahps, but they got stunnas, what else is he gonna do? Also I heard from Stacy — ya know Stacy. Whose fathah died? Ya know, that old guy that choked on that grinda up in P’tuckit. Ya know. Her sistah went to RISD and thinks she’s some sahta rawalty. Anyway, Stacy sayin her brotha did tha same but he just got regulah time in the cyba-mines. That’s some gahbage.

Games and Things Discussed: Jaws, Dota 2, Coming Out Simulator, The Last Night, Wings of St. Nazaire, Accents

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